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Why Farmed Smart is Different

The Farmed Smart program has been built around the core principles of regenerative agriculture: Reduced ground disturbance to mitigate environmental impacts and to build bio-diversity in our soil, utilize Diverse crops to feed a growing and diverse soil ecosystem, Maintain living roots on the ground year around for biology to feed on, and Keep the ground covered to reduce exposure to the elements. 

This on-farm regenerative cropping system builds healthy soils and ultimately healthy plants leading to healthy food.  It is an environmentally responsible farming system that is validated by the Farmed Smart program on an annual basis to provide transparency to the food production system.  It is the ONLY certification program to be built by a diverse partnership that included farmers to ensure the practices benefited not only the end user, but the farmers, their families, and the resources they protect.

Find out what Farmed Smart can do for you below:

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Farmers - Farmed Smart is not trying to sell you a product, the program aims to help you sell a BETTER product.

Agriculture in the world has evolved into a massive industrial system of highly complex practices that are driven more and more by the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals to achieve higher and higher yields.  The United States has been blessed with some of the most productive farm land in the world and our farmers and agribusinesses have become adept at pulling more out of our soil each year to feed a burgeoning world population.

This has largely been done at the expense of our soil resources.  There is increasing evidence that this system of industrial agriculture has had a massive negative impact on the health of the nation's soil.  

The Farmed Smart program has been designed to evaluate and verify a series of regenerative farming practices on each farm that will lead to healthier soils and more nutritious food.  Trained auditors are put in the field to work with the farmers and to ensure the practices are implemented.  Once certified, a producer has the ability to market any commodity grown on their farm as being certified regenerative.  

Farmed Smart provides opportunities in niche markets where the typical bulk commodity industry is generally left out.  It provides access to carbon markets and a streamlined audit process that qualifies you to participate in certain carbon exchanges.  Generally speaking, it gives you value for the hard work and investment you have made in transitioning your farm to regenerative farming practices.

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Landowners and Investors -

The foundation of our nation's agriculture system is and has always been the soil.  However, soil seems to be the forgotten resource when evaluating farmland.  There is little recognition in the industry for land that has been farmed with regenerative and sustainable practices versus those that focus on ground disturbance, the use and application of synthetics, and practices that fail to align with nature and our environment.

Farmland is under constant threat of development and the large industrial agriculture systems must be evaluated through a lens that views our soil ecosystem as a finite resource.  If you take this approach to caring for your land, you will begin to realize the value of owning something so precious, so fragile, and so scarce.  The farming system being used on your land will determine over time if your asset is truly appreciating in terms of value to society and the environment, or if it is contributing to the larger economic, environmental, and food quality disaster we are in the midst of today.

The mantra of get big or get out is in full effect today in our agriculture systems because we are dependent on synthetics to provide every nutrient a plant needs to grow.  Farmers have unknowingly given up their operations and livelihood to big ag companies that demand more of their revenue each year and are thus paying more for land, not because of its soil health value, but because they need to skim a smaller and smaller margin off of more acres in order to survive.

Farmed Smart regenerative practices can change the outlook and direction of your farm.  As a land owner, investor, or farmer, this program will provide you with the knowledge that your soil is being managed to maximize its economic value while allowing the soil to generate the nutrients needed to build healthy plants and food.  These soil health practices will ensure your asset's productivity for generations to come.  

Consumers and Food Aficionados

Never before, in the history of our country, has the value of healthy food been more important.  The pandemic gripping our country has made it clear we have health challenges that have created a vulnerability in our society.  Our food supply should be valued based on its true nutrient density and the respect the farming production practices have in upholding a high environmental standard.  

Each person purchases food on a daily or weekly basis, and because of the abundance of food we are blessed with, has not always been chosen based on the quality of the food.  We have the tools in place today to better understand that you, the consumer, have a choice that can drive change in our farming systems.  You vote each day with your precious, hard earned dollars and deserve a high quality food product.  

Farmed Smart requires that the certified farms are utilizing the best regenerative farming practices available and will continue to adapt to new technology that will continue to produce healthier food from our farms.  You owe it to yourself to seek this quality food and to know it is being produced in a socially responsible way.  Farmed Smart will provide you with a trustworthy, transparent, farming system that will reconnect you with the farmers growing your food.

Demand high quality food by asking for Farmed Smart certified products!  

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