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Farmed Smart provides trustworthy and credible verification and certification services of regeneratively grown food and fiber for agricultural producers, processors, and retailers. Our program will drive innovation in regenerative agriculture and add value for those participating in verified stewardship practices.

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The Road to Farmed Smart

The Farmed Smart Program was an effort by a group of PNW farmers, conservation leaders, university researchers,  environmental advocates and regulators to develop a program that set a high standard for food and fiber production at the farm gate.  

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The Farmers

There is a group of farmers that have chosen to use the Farmed Smart certification as their guiding principles on their farms.  They are innovative, cutting edge operators with a desire to protect the natural resources they steward each day in an effort to produce the most nutritious food possible.  They feel a responsibility to society to do their part in protecting the environment, producing quality food, and making a difference for their families.

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Get Involved

As a consumer, you have the power to help change agriculture forever.  You vote for the quality of your food and the safety of our natural resources each day with your hard earned dollars.  Become a member of the Farmed Smart movement today! 


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The Farmed Smart Advantage

Farmed Smart is a “Boots on the ground” third party verifier of regenerative agriculture food production systems. The Farmed Smart certification process puts highly trained agriculture professionals on the farm to verify the use of sustainable, regenerative production practices and is approved by state environmental regulators. Our label ensures your food is grown in a responsible way, that honors the integrity of the environment.

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